Plus App Case Study

Brand Development, full UI/UX design, App Promo Videos, + Online and Social Marketing

An innovative platform to connect beauty professionals and clients

SVBK transformed a concept into a fully developed brand identity, designed a killer application UI/UX, and produced engaging App promotional videos, and marketing materials.

A beautiful interface for the aesthetic industry

Recognizing the importance of creating a visually appealing and comprehensive brand package for Plus App, SVBK created a sophisticated brand aesthetic including signature logo, color palette, graphics,and imagery. This high-end visual identity was developed specifically to resonant with beauty professionals and clientele alike, with elegant details conveying pampering and luxury.

Creating a seamless, beautiful client interface

Starting with only a series of sketches and one stellar idea, SVBK designed Plus App from the ground up, focsuing on user experience in every detail of the apps design. From launch screen to final booking confirmation, SVBK considered and addressed all the element of the user experience, conceiving a final ui/ux design that is as intuitive as it is beautiful.

  • Home
  • Map Search
  • Beautician Profile
  • Booking
  • Confirmation

The Look and Feel

Hitting the Perfect Flow

For a concept like Plus App, finding that perfect final user flow was a critical process. Extensive testing and consideration of elements like map function and geolocation, beautifician and customer profiles, and a simplified final book flow were major challenges for the design team. Thankfully, SVBK’s team of designers was more than up for the task. Clear and concise visuals translated into a final flow ui/ux screens that succeeded in being both easily to interpret and aesthetically pleasing.

Moving Pictures - Vibes and Flow

Once Plus App reached the final stages of design, SVBK worked to create a series of marketing videos to both tease interest in the app, illustrate how it functions, and help the creator get investors. These high quality marketing spots were designed for maximum engagement.

  • App demo video
  • Spot1
  • Smart user experience

  • Handcrafted design

  • Marketing and Videos

  • Crafted UI/UX design